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If we want to continue creating jobs and growing our economy, Congress must continue to pass policies that limit the tax burden on individuals and small businesses and reform the regulatory environment in which small business owners operate.  Job-killing policies like Obamacare and out of control EPA regulations do nothing to help make sure that every person who wants a job can get a job.

The 113th Congress has increased responsibilities for me and in my role as Chairman of the Commerce, Manufacturing and Trade Subcommittee on the House Energy and Commerce Committee and I’ve made the focus on what we can do to lift up our nation of builders.

According to the National Association of Manufacturers, on average, manufacturers of all sizes spend over $14,000 per employee to comply with regulations. Even when taking into account environmental regulations alone, manufacturers spend over $7,200 per employee in regulatory compliance costs. No wonder it costs 20 percent more to manufacture in the U.S. And in Omaha, this might mean the difference between whether or not a manufacturer expands their factory.

The cost for compliance with out-of-control federal regulations shouldn’t be chalked up to the cost of doing business. This hurts job creation and when people don’t have jobs, we can’t grow our economy.

Rather than focusing on excessive regulations, we need the focus in Congress to be on how we attract more jobs to our shores. I think a significant first step is making sure that workers have the training and the skills necessary to find employment.

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